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      MOTIMAC and Italy Tagliabue --- A technical cooperation

      Since 2017, MOTIMAC has been to Europe many times to inspect segmented pad sanders and seek technical cooperation. After comprehensive consideration, in 2018, at the origin place of the sanding machine-- Italy, we visited Tagliabue and reached a technical cooperation with it.

      technical cooperation

      technical cooperation

      After one year of technology research ,development and testing, MOTIMAC ’s high-end segmented pad sander equipment MT-keris series was born, officially launched to the Chinese market in August 2020, Next year, in March, MOTIMAC participated the China·Guangzhou International Furniture Fair causing a huge response. , And reaching a cooperation with A8 Space enterprise (China's high-end customized brand) on the spot. After more than a year of market precipitation, MT-keris has opened the Chinese market and cooperated with larger Chinese furniture companies; internationally, it has reached a cooperation with Canada DNH (Vancouver's largest private customized cabinet company).

      technical cooperation

      MOTIMAC will increase its promotion efforts, strictly control the key performance indicators of the keyboard sander, further improve product quality, achieve stable production, and gradually expand its domestic and international market shares while optimizing the structure of sanding products. The high precision, high stability, and the grasp of forward-looking technology and demand of the MT-keris series itself will open a new chapter.

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