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      Vancouver D&H Co., Ltd., located on the west coast of Canada, is the largest cabinet customization company in Vancouver and a benchmark in the field of haute couture. For western families who pay attention to quality, home life is an experience with a sense of ceremony and art. Every piece of cabinet accessories is the existence that endows the art of life. D&H is committed to the vivid display of this art of living

      Under this kind of visual aesthetics, the requirements for color, texture change and quality are particularly important, which has created a sharp increase in the demand for super-matte and high-gloss sheets. After a period of exploration, D&H realized: high-quality surface treatment, need to focus on sanding!

      The sanding process is a very important part in the production process of cabinets. It is directly related to the appearance quality and effect of each piece of high-quality cabinets.

      This requires:

      ? The foundation of all flat coating is to be flat, otherwise it will not be able to meet the finishing requirements of the coating, especially the high-gloss surface.?

      ? Fine sanding can ensure that no sanding lines can be seen after the topcoat, and the hand can be fine. , whether for melamine or primer

      At the beginning of the cooperation, D&H was skeptical about our sanding equipment made in China. First, it was worried about whether the performance of the equipment was stable, and second, it was worried about after-sales service. In this regard, motimac deeply understands and has given a perfect answer to the guests' questions. If there is a major failure in the use of the equipment, we will return it unconditionally. The use cases of our equipment in China and our sincerity in cooperation gave D&H more confidence and he decided to have a try.

      After the equipment arrives at the factory, it undergoes simple debugging.. After 3 months, D&H called our boss to say thank you personally, and the excitement was beyond words.

      Our MT-Keris series, which can perfectly exert the ability of high-quality surface treatment, opens a journey of minimal and light luxury for D&H company's private customized products.


      MT-Keris fully introduces European technology, plus practical precipitation, fully meets the requirements of the sanding process, and can achieve the benchmark in the field of high-end sheet sanding.

      From sweeping sand to key sand—responding to the commands issued at the speed of milliseconds, and according to the program design, by changing the magnitude of the current to each key, applying different pressures to the abrasive belt at different positions, 360° without The dead corners deal with the uneven surface of the plate, which helps the product to soar, and at the same time, the perfect sanding is just right.

      From low energy to high efficiency - energy saving material, jet workpiece cleaning system, sandblasting cost saving. Alleviate the waste of consumables and improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

      From complex to simple - simplified operation steps, preset parameters, high-precision sanding in one step, reducing operation difficulty and improving sanding efficiency.

      From single to freedom-free combination of modules according to different needs, to meet different needs, unlimited creativity, perfect realization.

      European craftsmanship and meticulous workmanship ensure lasting precision.

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