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    1. About Us


      What We Offer and What You Get

      In 2001, MOTIMAC started the research and development journey of sanding technology, and it has been more than 20 years. Headquartered in Qingdao Airport Industrial Park, China, with more than 70 employees and covering an area of approximately 14,400 square feet. It has grows to a global chain of services including one branch office in the United States, one direct office in Vietnam, and 60+ agents worldwide.

      ?MOTIMAC adheres to the production criteria of quality first and user experience first, providing a total of 15,000sets sanding machines for 9,000+ customers worldwide in more than 20 countries, covering more than 10 industries.. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification.


      Production and operation




      R & D models


      Factory area


      Customer choice

      From the first container shipment to Russia in 2003, ?to technical cooperation with Tagliabue in Italy in 2017. With its manufacturing experience and 19-person R&D team, MOTIMAC has made its products known in the industry for intelligence, compounding, automation, high precision, and excellent stability. MOTIMAC has developed more than 300 kinds of sanding machine. It has won more than 40 national patents and 3 invention patents. All machines are designed with 3D drawing software, analyzed by CAE, unified managed by PLM system, connected by SAP system for product life cycle and plan management. The complete product line involves more than ten industries such as wood-based panels, cabinets, doors, furniture, building decoration and so on.

      In 2014, the company adopted 6S on-site management, in 2021 the German SAP system management, and in 2022 the PLM system... This is undoubtedly a voice that respond to the call of the times. Make its on-site management and company management more informatized, intelligent and digital. In 2020, MOTIMAC participated in the compilation of the woodworking machinery textbook of Beijing Forestry University, which was published by China Forestry Press, contributing to the country's training of forestry machinery talents.

      There are more than 60 agents worldwide, 1 MOTIMAC USA branch company, and 1 office in Vietnam. The service achieves a two-hour quick response, and domestically we can reach the site to provide service support within 24 hours. , From workshop assembly equipment training to global service footprints, our team practices the working principle of "Serving customers wholeheartedly". Let MOTIMAC's service network spread to every customer.

      Innovation due to ingenuity.?

      We refuse to produce shoddy machines.

      MOTIMAC strives to create more value for you!

      History of the MOTIMAC

      From the design team to the workforce on the production side, we are able to meet market demands full speed.


      The use of SAP information management system was promoted!

      The sanding machine platform + modular product WT was born


      Motimac was recognized by Qingdao City Government as "Specialized and Innovative" Enterprise


      USA Motimac US branch was established in New York


      The company signed a research and development cooperation agreement with the Italian company Tagliabue , which is known as the father of the world sanding machine.


      A new generation of S6 sanding machine was developed?


      A new generation of brush sanding machine was developed?


      The 6S management system was introduced


      The third-generation S3 sander was developed.


      The second-generation sander --- T-series was developed.


      The 14,000-square-meter modernized new factory in place?


      Exports accounted for 40% of total production.?


      QingDao New Motivity wood-working machinery Co.LTD was established!?

      Why We are Trusted by Clients Worldwide

      MOTIMAC standard is always above industry standard which make MOTIMAC win the support of our client base through our spirit of cooperation and capabilities in making quality sanding machine

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