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    1. R&D History


      is supported by the goverment as enterprise in the high-tech field. Technology research and development is the core of the company, and it bears the mission of driving the development of the company's products and trade.
      At present:

      There are 19 professional and technical personnel

      5 R&D personnel

      Obtained 43 national patents

      To be the world's leading sanding solution advisor

      In terms of R&D and innovation, in line with the mission of devoting itself , MOTIMAC has continuously introduced new solutions and new sander for different industries.?

      From the original solo operation type sander to the floating type sander for line operation, from the ordinary roller type sander to the segmented pad sander, from the multi-variety non-standard customized business model to the configurable business model, Every change is a reform and innovation of the sanding process.?

      Encourage and cultivate outstanding talents, and reserve and allocate a large number of talents to achieve higher innovation and development.?

      Continuously innovate in product research and development, adapt to market needs and continue to guide the market. In performance, we constantly break through ourselves and keep improving.
      MOTIMAC R&D is divided into two parts: hardware and software, and a multi-level and multi-dimensional technology R&D system has been established.

      • 2006

        The second-generation sander
        T-series was developed.

      • 2012

        The third-generation S3 sander was developed.

      • 2015

        A new generation of brush sanding machine was developed in cooperation with the technology inventor from Denmark, Flex Trim A/S

      • 2016

        A new generation of S6 sanding machine was developed

      • 2017

        MT series was developed

      • 2019

        ?MT series products were born

      • 2021

        The sanding machine platform + modular product WT was born

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